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10x your social skills even though you stutter

Social skills for adults who stutter

Want to reduce your secondary behaviors of stuttering? Or do you want to have meaningful conversations with strangers? The exercises in our articles and courses will teach you hands-on approaches to handle social situations no matter how severe your stutter.

You’ll become a sassy socializer.

Learn how to:

  • talk with strangers
  • deal with anxiety
  • not fear people and words
  • deal with blocking
  • reduce secondary behaviors

It gets better.

I want to send you the most effective exercises to become a sassy socializer.

It feels GREAT when you talk with confidence, right? And you wish you could do it effortlessly every day?

Through the exercises in our newsletter, you’ll learn how to become a sassy socializer. No matter how anxious you are.

The exercises and articles are very hands-on, and take about 10 minutes to do and read.

Help yourself or a friend who stutters become a sassy socializer. Join our newsletter, and feel good about yourself.

What you get at stuttering habits

Build social skills

10x your social skills and get what you want in life even though you stutter.
Every day you’ll get bite-sized lessons to-go. The lessons are 10-15 minutes and very hands-on. Learn how to have normal conversations as easy as going online.

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Just like in boxing and any other sports you need someone to help you. Someone who understands you, believes in you, and pushes you in the right direction. That’s us. You can always rely on us. Got any questions about anxiety or stuttering?

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We write and curate all content on stuttering and anxiety. Now you can spend more time talking, and less time searching for the best way to overcome anxiety and stuttering, because it’s all curated here. Life’s just easier, when you don’t have to search.

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Get 10x faster results with our fluency exercises

The exercises takes about 10 minutes to do, but the outcome lasts.